Shalom Txt
v1.2 - Freeware

What's new?

- Removed option to change toolbar bitmaps and removed the gray buttons.
- Added HTML code hotkeys: Press Ctrl+Enter to get a line break (<br>). And press Ctrl+Space to get a non-breaking space (&nbsp;).
- Added option to associate .txt files with Shalom Txt (Options menu).
- Added Tool button to the toolbar.
- Added Close button to the toolbar.
- Added selection of paragraphs to the Edit menu. Shift+Ctrl+P or Shift+Ctrl+F.
- Added option: Only one row of tabs.
- Added option to hide the bitmaps on the toolbar buttons.
- Moved 4 of the string tools to a new, tabbed window. Click the Tool button to open it.
- Changed tool behaviour so that all tools are applied to selected lines or - if no text is selected - to the whole document. Furthermore the selection of text is now unchanged after the use of a tool.
- Changed the keyboard shortcuts to the string tools.

What is it?

Shalom Txt is a text editor, meant for editing flat text files with no formatting. It should be able to run on Windows 9x/ME/NT4 and Windows 2000.
I've tried to make a straightforward editor with all the standard functions including printing, print preview, popup menu, toolbar, find and replace, recent files list etc. And then added some extras (see below image).

I know there are a billion free text editors. So why this one? Well, I've been working on the perfect editor for some years and one day I needed a break from another project and decided to put together a small editor with the basic architecture and some of the string manipulating tools I've developed for my own use. The perfect editor will have to wait a bit longer.

Screen shot of Shalom Txt

Besides the standard functions I've added some extras: The Tools menu gives access to these string manipulating tools: Get Chinese Patch (Traditional Chinese)


Shalom Txt v1.2 (416 kb; install program that doesn't copy anything to the system folders; uninstall program and detailed help file included).

Made with

Borland Delphi 4 on Windows 2000.

Updated January 15, 2002 (Web link of Chinese patch updated.)