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  Shalom Help Maker v0.6.1 (beta version, but fully working)
This version was released July 21, 2005 - and is freeware (free to download and use in any environment).

The download is split up into 2 zip files:

Download Shalom Help Maker v0.6.1 (1.1 MB; includes a comprehensive help file)
Download Help Compiler (858 kb) - you need this, if you didn't download it already.
Put all files from both zip files into a new empty folder.

German help file available:
Joachim Poppschötz has translated the help file for the 0.52 version. Download it from here. (420 kb)  << Anyone knows his new home page URL?

Download the source files for the SHM help file (637 kb) if you want an example project to look at.
Download example project (9 kb) showing how to merge multiple help files through the cnt file (it's easy!).

Download program (74 kb, made by Andy - to highlight Visual Basic reserved words. Very useful, when you have to present code in the help file.

Visual Basic folks, look here:NEW
Download "HOW TO IMPLEMENT PRACTICALLY WINHELP IN A VB6 APPLICATION" (30 kb, Word file written by Joaquin Ximenez de Embun).
Text version here - right-click + Save Target As ... or something.
This document will be included in the help file of the next version of SHM.

I've made a code highlighter for Delphi/Pascal. Mail me if you need it. /Finn

New in version 0.6.1:

This version was released July 21, 2005

Additions to the application:
  • Added search function to the Insert jump to another page and Insert jump to a target windows: Pressing F3 will find the first/next page header or target name in the list, that contains the hotspot text.

  • Color number 16 wasn't recognized by SHM. Reported by Wolfgang Ehrhardt.

  • New in version 0.6.0 (most of this is minor stuff, I admit) :

    This version was released July 13, 2005

    Additions to the help file:
  • Added the page: How to get started, step-by-step and a menu item in the Help menu to get to it quickly.
  • Added page about Link colors.
  • Added notes about NOT combining underline tags and jumps to a page or a target.
  • Added a page concerning compile time and file size using GIF files (instead of BMP files).
  • Added a page with a description of generated files.
  • Added a page with Visual Basic tips. Well, so far there is only one tip, but hand over yours, if you like! Thanks to Mike Wardle.
  • Rearranged a few pages and made a couple more headers.
  • Additions to the application:
  • Added Bitmap Information List to the File menu, that gives you a list of all bitmaps and lets you use the information in various ways.
  • Added Show Bitmap... and Edit bitmap to the popup menu.
  • Added: Now also the log file from a page/front page preview can be displayed.
  • Added: Write multiple lines of page titles on page 1 of a new project, select the lines, press Ctrl+P and have the pages made automatically with the page title already entered in the Header text box of each page.
  • Added the project option to turn off the default making of page headers (page titles), content headers and targets into K-keywords. Then they wont be listed on the Index tab.
  • Added: When saving a project, the active page and line are saved. When opening a project, the formerly active page and line are reselected. Also, the caret will be displayed with an extended width for a few seconds to make it easier to spot.
  • Added: When using Save as..., and an existing shp-file with the same name as the one you enter, exists in the folder, you'll be asked if you want to overwrite that file.
  • Added: The lists in the windows Insert jump, Insert jump to a target and Make KLink now can be sorted and the sorting is saved and re-applied when showing the window next time.
  • Added: In the Make KLink window you can now use a popup menu to automatically add keywords or targets that contain a word you specify.
  • Added two toolbar buttons for setting a bookmark and going to the bookmark. Only one bookmark can exist at a time.
  • Added menu item Check Topic IDs... to the File menu. This is useful when reusing pages from other help projects or from a snippet, in which case you might happen to insert a topic ID that points to a nonexistent page.
  • Added menu item Copy Project Help File To... to the File menu. Use this menu item to copy the compiled help file to another folder.
  • Added menu item Compression Level to the Options menu, since when the vertical toolbar is hidden, so is the compression level drop down list...
  • Added (color of) Image codes to the Pages tab (Items to highlight) of the Program Options. This enables you to determine the color of the bitmap code.
  • Added command line switch '/c' to let you compile an shp file from the command line.
  • Added (color of) Comments codes to the Pages tab of Program Options, which means you can now determine how to highlight comments.
  • Added tooltip pause to the Program Options. You can determine if a tooltip (the yellow strip of text) should be shown immediately, after the normal pause or not at all.
  • Added Right (no line breaks) to the Insert Image window.
  • Added some minor enhancements to the Keyword Editor.
  • Added lines to separate pages and headers in the contents.dat file.
  • Added: When applying format codes (<b>, <i>, <color=12b>,<r> etc.) to selected text, the text stay selected, in case you want to add more formatting codes.
  • Added two buttons to the top of the vertical toolbar: Go to page 1 and Go to the last page.
  • Added information on too long pages (topics) in status bar, when loading files.
  • Added a dialog box that gives you the chance to skip loading the latest project, even if you configured SHM (in Program Options) to always load it when starting up.
  • Modified the behavior of the Insert Popup Link, Insert Jump To Another Page and the Insert Jump To A Target windows. If you double-click a header in the list and the hotspot text box is empty, the header will be automatically entered as the hotspot text.
  • Changed the selection of topic ID's (e.g. SHM_contents0003). Now you just have to left-click in a topic ID (not select it) and SHM will recognize it (and select it) and then add a 'Jump to page xx' to the context menu (when you subsequently right-click the page).
  • Changed: When applying the add backslashes tool, the project is no longer marked as modified when it isn't.
  • Changed: When double-clicking a word, the selection of it is now kept if you later Shift+Left-click to the right or below the selected word.
  • Changed: Removed the bitmaps on the Snippet buttons.
  • Changed: Removed: information about file version when loading an shp file (from the status bar).
  • Bugs fixed:
  • Fixed bug: When clicking the Start new project button and then loading a project, using the Recent Projects menu, the program would sometimes freeze.
  • Fixed bug: The Check if bitmaps exist feature (File menu) could give strange results when part of some image's code had been changed into hex code. This is now fixed.
  • Fixed bug: You could enter 5 digits in the Project options/Front Page/Context number for front page text box, even though only numbers up to 9999 was accepted and used.
  • Fixed bug: When browsing fast through the keywords (using the Keyword editor), keywords from one page could be transferred to another page.
  • Fixed bug: The Fix dubs feature in the Header Editor now fixes duplicate headers.
  • Fixed bug: The page number (first row) in the Header Editor could be manually changed.
  • Shortcut keys added:
  • Press Alt+D to select the Header text box (move the cursor into the text box).
  • Press Alt+F1 to toggle activation of editor window and search results (bottom list).
  • Press Alt+I to select the Title text box (move the cursor into the text box).
  • Press Alt+K to display the 'Keyboard Shortcuts' from this help file.
  • Press Alt+M to activate the 'Copy Project Help File To...' from the 'File' menu.
  • Press Alt+W to select the Keywords text box (move the cursor into the text box).
  • Press F10 to open the popup/context menu of the editor window (normally displayed when right-clicking the page).
  • Press Shift+Ctrl+L to select the Compression level list (activate the list).
  • Mouse shortcuts added:
  • Left-click one of the horizontal toolbars to display the previous page and right-click to display the next page.
  • For users of screens with a size of 640 X 480 pixels and small fonts:
  • Added: Menu item Hide Top Toolbar in the Options menu.
  • Changed: Moved the compression level list to the vertical toolbar, in order to make more toolbar buttons visible on small screens. When the vertical toolbar is hidden, use the Options/Compression Level menu item to select the compression level.
  • Changed: The Page Jumper is located farther to the left, in order to enable display of its full width.
  • Changed: The width of the help file title box is decreased to allow all toolbar buttons to be displayed.
  • Changed: The Align Left/Align Center/Align Right buttons on the second toolbar has been replaced by a text align popup menu (click the remaining align button on the toolbar). This was done to decrease the width of the toolbar.
  • Changed: The Bold/Italic/Underline buttons on the second toolbar has been replaced by a text format popup menu (click the remaining Bold button in the toolbar). Also done to decrease the width of the toolbar.
  • Changed: I've made various other changes to ensure that you can see and use all the toolbar buttons. Let me know if you still have problems in this regard.

  • Updated Dec 18, 2005 (Added Word doc for download: HOW TO IMPLEMENT PRACTICALLY WINHELP IN A VB6 APPLICATION)
    Finn Ekberg Christiansen | E-mail