Shalom Help Cleaner

Version 1.0 - Freeware

What is it?

Shalom Help Cleaner is a tool dedicated to find left-over FTS and CHW files. Such files are created by the Windows help file system whenever you use the search feature of a help file. HLP files produce FTS files and CHM files (HTML based help files) produce CHW files. The purpose of these files is to accomodate text searches in indexed files.

Shalom Help Cleaner screen shot Since FTS and CHW files are placed in the Windows\Help folder, they often are not removed when a program is uninstalled or deleted.

I made Shalom Help Cleaner to help find those left-over files. They often are quite large and I like cleaning out large files that are not needed.

Is it safe to delete these files?

Yes, it's absolutely safe, since they are made automatically when you use the search feature of a help file (and the FTS/CHW file is missing). They don't exist until you use that feature, and they are recreated when needed.

This program doesn't delete anything. It only makes a list of files and then lets you delete one or more (or none at all).


Unzip to an empty folder. There're 3 files: hlpclean.exe, hlpclean.hlp and hlpclean.cnt. Make a shortcut to hlpclean.exe if you like.
Shalom Help Cleaner doesn't use the Registry and doesn't put anything outside its own folder.


Shalom Help Cleaner v1.0 (257 kb; zipped; help file included)

Made with

Borland Delphi 6 on Win2000/XP. Shalom Help Cleaner hasn't been tested on other versions of Windows (but should work on Win9x and WinMe too).

Updated February 26, 2003 (version 1.0)