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Next version?

There won't be a next version. The hlp file format is deprecated by Microsoft®. The best thing is to find an app that can make chm files.

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What's new?

- Fixed bug in Emptemp preventing it from deleting cookies, history files and URLs when run with command line option /all.
- Fixed wrong file bitmap on tab #3 when searching for temp files and zero bytes were unchecked.
- Fixed bug causing file type to be missing from intern list after readding it by clicking the Default button on tab #3. Worked OK after reload though.
- Added menu item What's new? to the Help menu.
- Fixed: On tab #4 after deleting single items the selection moved 2 items down.
- Added gid, syd and dir to file types (tab #3). Click the Default button to add them!
- Fixed bug in EmpRunner causing it to always show on startup.
- Added 10 minutes interval to EmpRunner.

What is it?

Empty Temp Folders (emptemp) helps you manage folders that contain temporary files, left over by other applications. It's easy to add any folder and you can empty a folder (or all folders) with one click.

Also emptemp will let you list and delete cookies, history files and temporary internet files (this requires MS Internet Explorer version 5+).

Emptemp also has a search function to let you find and delete temporary files outside the normal temp folders. Any program can leave behind temporary files or backup files anywhere on your harddisk. These files have file types like .tmp, .bak, .old and .log. You can add your own file types.

Emptemp also displays the amount of memory the content of the clipboard takes up, and lets you delete it. And it can find broken shortcuts (.lnk files) on your harddisk, so you can delete or fix them.

Add existing folders to the list on the left (in emptemp's window). Then delete the contents of a folder (or all folders) by clicking a button in the toolbar.
You can also delete single files or subfolders by selecting them and pressing the Delete key.

Please note that all files and subfolders will be permanently deleted! They wont be moved to the recycle bin! You should really read the help file carefully, before using this application!

In the Options menu there's a menu item that lets you pick some predefined folders to get you started.

Not all files and subfolders can be deleted, even if their attributes are being changed (which emptemp does routinely). Windows protects some files from deletion - probably with good cause. Files that are in use by other applications (or by Windows) also cannot be deleted. It wasn't my intention to make it possible to delete hard-or-impossible-to-delete files!

Subfolders with undeletable files in them cannot be deleted of course.

Emptemp avoids deleting certain files, namely desktop.ini and INFO2 which are found in directories named recycler or recycled (used by recycle bin). Emptemp also asks if you're sure about what you're doing, if you add a root folder. Some system folders wont be added - for safety reasons.

Command line options

/all makes emptemp run minimized, empty all temp folders and then terminate.
/keepdirs prevents deleting of folders (but not their contents).
/clip makes emptemp empty the clipboard and close down.
The first two can be combined. The order and case of these arguments doesn't matter.
Example: emptemp2.exe /all /keepdirs

Furthermore EmpRunner is included. It's a companion program that sits in your traybar (optional) and can be used to run emptemp at certain intervals.

System requirements

Minimum 16 bit color display.
To clean up cookies, temporary internet files and history files, MS Internet Explorer version 5+ must be installed.


Empty Temp Folders v2.8.3 (667 kb; install/uninstall program that doesn't copy anything to the system folders; detailed help file included; EmpRunner is included also).

Made with

Borland Delphi 4 on Windows 2000.

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